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Welcome to the CEGs Virtual Hazardous Waste Storage Area!


On the following web page you will find a virtual hazardous waste storage area. This storage area needs your help to come into compliance with the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (VHWMR).  In addition, there a few Best Management Practices (BMPs) that you can implement.  BMPs are not required for compliance, but are often an excellent idea to make the workplace safer and to reduce potential liability.  The modules of the Online CEG Tutorial (accessed through the links on the left) provide all the training you need  to correct the regulatory problems found in this virtual storage area. Although the three tasks that you will perform with BMPs are not covered by the modules, you should be able to perform these by using a common sense approach.


The storage area is already in compliance with several very important regulatory provisions and best management practices, including:


ü      the storage area is indoors (protected from the rain & snow)

ü      the storage area is heated to protect freezable wastes from freezing

ü      the floor of the storage area is concrete (an impervious surface)

ü      the storage area contains fire extinguishers and emergency communication devices (telephone, two way radios, and/or intercom)


Your job is to drag the correct icon or picture from the Parking Lot on the left side of the screen into the Storage Area on the right side of the screen.  When you place an icon into the storage area in the correct place, the violation or management practice will be fixed, and the requirement or management practice will be summarized in a caption.  A tally of the items remaining to be fixed will be at the bottom left side of the screen.


When you have completed all tasks needed to fix the problems in this storage area, you will see the storage area displayed in compliance with the VHWMR.


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